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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

  • Hello, I bought a female lab puppy from you almost 4 years ago. I name her Lyla and she was the MOST AMAZING dog I have ever had!  She was EXTREMELY loyal and obedient. She loved the water and retrieving. She was my shadow everywhere I went. She had a litter of 8 beautiful healthy puppies on July 4th, in which I so regret not keeping one.

    Lyla recently got hit by a car and passed away… I am completely heartbroken, she was everything to me. I know I can NEVER replace her or find one that would be just like her. But I am reaching out to you in hopes you have another litter soon and it would mean alot to me to be able to have another dog that was related to Lyla in some way and would possibly have the same characteristics as she did. Can you please contact me asap I would really appreciate it.

    Thank You,
    Hannah Wilson


    We got Grace Kelly in May 2015, our furry family grew to 3 with Grace joining our two dachsunds. Immediately Grace adapted to the change. All 3 dogs got along wonderfully. She was a awesome puppy, SUPER easy to train – potty training was a breeze – 1/2 a day and she knew what to do and we never lost a shoe to her puppy chewing phase.

    She is extremely smart, initially we were thinking of sending her to a trainer for bird hunting, although Heath was able to train her himself. She loves bird hunting, diving into the water to retrieve, she is always wanting to please us. She walks without a leash – walks beside us and listens to commands. Grace is also great with small children – our 1 year old nephew pulled and tug at her and she didn’t mind at all!

    She has been a blessing to our family. Her big goofy smile is the absolute best. We love our Grace!

    Heath & Kelsey Baker

  • A Very Happy Customers!!!